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Service Details

Content delivery network (CDN), used to provide low latency and high transfer speeds across the globe by caching assets close to those accessing it.

Assessment Notes

  • aws cloudfront list-distributions will pull a list of cloudfront distributions in the account. Distributions are global, so no need to specify individual regions for this API call.




Data Security

  • Encryption at rest not relevant to CloudFront, as no data stored.
  • Enforce encryption in transit
    • TLS is enabled by default, but not enforced
    • Ensure sensible protocols are configured
      • aws cloudfront get-distribution --id [DISTRIBUTIONID]
      • Distribution.DistributionConfig.Origins - look for CustomOriginConfig, each of which will contain a OriginSslProtocols field. This should not include SSLv3 or TLSv1.
  • Field-Level Encryption (FLE) is an option where extra security is required on data being uploaded by clients to the systems behind a CloudFront distribution. If this should be enabled, verify with:
    • aws cloudfront list-distributions to get distributions, DefaultCacheBehavior.FieldLevelEncryptionId wil give the FLE configuration ID
    • aws cloudfront get-field-level-encryption --id [CONFIGURATIONNID] to get the configuration


  • Verify standard logging is enabled
    • aws cloudfront get-distribution --id [DISTRIBUTIONID]
    • Distribution.DistributionConfig.Logging.Enabled should be set to true
  • If logging to S3 buckets the S3 bucket that these logs are written to should have the standard S3 controls applied, as detailed in the S3 guide
  • Real time logging is also an option, which is implemented as a Kinesis Data Stream producer.

Operational Notes

Any content related to operational considerations (I.E useful to know but not directly to be checked as part of an assessment) goes here. Good examples include how the service interacts with other services within AWS, or common deployment architectures/considerations.

Exam tips

Any comments specifically related to AWS exams, for instance AWS Certified Security Specialty