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Service Details

Service for tying together multiple build steps into a pipeline.

Assessment Notes

  • Build worker
    • Can be CodeBuild or Jenkins
    • See assessment guides for those elsewhere in the wiki
  • Source stage
    • Review where the source is being pulled in from, ensure that access controls around that are suitable
    • Review how access to the source code is being provided to the pipeline, ensure that's being managed sensibly
  • Access control
    • Review iam users/roles who have access to manipulate the pipeline
      • If the environment uses a continuous delivery model, review those able to trigger the pipeline as well
  • Environment separation
    • It's a good idea to keep pipelines for different environments separate
    • Consider a CI/CD account that the pipelines run in, using cross-account role assumption to access resources in dev/staging/prod accounts
    • Consider using output from one pipeline as input to the next, via an S3 bucket - that way, code can't make it to staging without going through dev, or to prod without going through staging etc

Operational Notes

Exam tips